Fort Worth's Inclusive, Secular Homeschool Support Community

Welcome to Westside!

We are one of the few spaces in Fort Worth, TX offering truly secular, progressive support for families who "school outside of the box."  

Fall and Spring Drop-off Program:  Our passion and focus is offering social and emotional support to young people while they learn and play in group settings.  Contact us anytime - We offer year-round enrollment :) 

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What age groups does WLC serve?

Our drop-off program is for young people ages 5 to 12.

What does your community value?

We are a belonging-centric and non-religious community.  We celebrate all humans and all the different paths that can be traveled in life. We are not only an inclusive community, but one that fosters each person’s individual and communal agency.

How can we get to know your community?

Schedule a Free Visiting Day with us!  We would love to have your kiddo(s) join us for a day at WLC :) We are also happy to connect you with a current parent if you'd like. Finally, we host public events semi-regularly, so keep an eye on our Facebook page if you'd like to join us!

How much does WLC cost?

We offer several monthly membership options using a sliding scale model.  Please see the Membership page for more detailed pricing information. We also offer a Free Visiting Day to interested families!

What are your COVID-19 and mask policies?

We follow the Tarrant County Community Level statistics at this website to determine when masks will be required indoors at WLC.  If the community level is high or medium, we will require that masks be worn while in the building.  If the community level is low, we will move to a mask- optional policy for indoors.  Students are always allowed to remove their masks while outside.